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  • "I have three daughters and they love this brand. The suits are well made and fit great. The fabrics are soft with no annoying tags which is important as one of my daughters is a special needs child and she does not like wearing anything that scratches or will irritate her skin."

    Linda W

  • "These board shorts are the best! They are lightweight and stretch and my boys (4) will not wear any other brand. My oldest surfs all the time and is super particular about boardshorts and says these are the most comfortable board shorts ever. We love your tees also. Thank you, Feather 4 Arrow."

    Heather G.

  • "Beautiful fabric and prints. These suits are comfortable, and fit true to size. Bought each daughter 2 suits and they all fit great even though my girls have different body types. Perfect coverage your young girls. Wish they came in adults."

    Ashley H.

  • "These fit great and dry fast. My son wears these boardshorts all day long from swimming straight to basketball. He picked these out himself and only wanted this brand as ‘it’s a cool Southern California brand’. Kudos!"

    L.A Mom of 6