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Q & A: Feather 4 Arrow owner & designer Jaime Riese

Feather 4 Arrow is a collection of unique printed t-shirts for women and kids that blend easy comfort with rebellious style. Inspired by the southern California beach culture, the collection is both free spirited and chic. Topped off with a healthy dose of attitude, the mixture of intricate hand drawn graphics and bold statement tees embody the essence of Feather 4 Arrow’s fun and laid back approach to fashion. 

Jaime Riese lives and works in San Clemente, CA with her husband, where she runs her business, gets inspired, and makes time to enjoy her first pregnancy.

Q: Tell us about your company name Feather 4 Arrow, how the name came about and what inspired you to create this label?  
A: I wanted to create a name that would be a good representation for both girls and boys, since I started with the children’s line first.   I thought Feathers and Arrows.  I did a little word play on that and came up with Feather 4 Arrow like in the book “Like Water for Chocolate”.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration to create your designs?  
A: I get a lot of my inspiration from the southern California lifestyle.  I try to create fun, beach inspired graphics with a little edge.

Q: Do you have favorite top from this current collection?  
A: Yes, my current favorite is the "Lone Rider" muscle tee in black or gray.  It's has a vintage motorcycle vibe going on.  

Q: You recently announced that your expecting your first child, what about motherhood are you looking forward to the most?
A: To be honest, I am a bit nervous about my new role as a mother.   I know it is totally natural to feel this way, but I want to heed the advice from family and friends about remembering to enjoy the little moments with the baby as well as the big milestones.  I guess I am looking forward to slowing down and spending time with my baby the most.

Q: Running your own business and taking on a new role as mother requires a mindful balance.  How are you preparing?
A:Right now, I am in full design mode to prepare for the Fall 2015 collection.  I am surrounding myself with a reliable support team and learning to delegate as much as possible.  As a small business owner, I have to be a jack-of-all trades and give each and every area of my business my full attention.  I am conscious to set aside time to be playful and nurture the creative side, which is really the best and most rewarding part. 

Q. What is your biggest success or most exciting moment in your career thus far?
A: Actually, the last two months have been the most exciting for me.  I have seen how people react to my brand and have heard such positive feedback that it makes me feel so proud of all I've accomplished thus far. 

Q: What does the future for Feather 4 Arrow look like?
A: I'm very excited for the future of our children's line.  We've recently got picked up by some major retailers, and I am just over the moon excited.   I am working to expand the children's line and I look forward to keeping the brand fresh and ready for growth.

Q:  Any words of wisdom or words you live by?
A: "The only person you should want to be better than, is the person you were yesterday"